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Викинги под път и над път. Луксозни яхти, малки яхтички, големи старовремчески изглеждащи или товарни кораби пред хотели-замъци, тук-там по някоя лодка или кану.

Чайки не чувам, но гледката на Дания отгоре рано сутрин спира дъха. Вода, слънце и оазис на остров, който е всъщност част от континента, форми, които обещават ред, нови технологии, слънчева енергия и високи цени. Една северна страна с топла кръв и доста различен стандарт, според който българинът е мега-бедняк. Но слънцето и там грее, дори захранва цял куп соларни панели.


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BRS pick: Eurocratic Residents' Night at Aloft

Venue: Eurocrats' Residents' Night @ Aloft Brussels Schuman
Place Jean Rey • 1040 Brussels • Map

First impression check-up

Unfortunately the feeling which hit me from the entering into the hotel, was one word: fake. The idea of the Eurocrats' party seems to be really tempting: to bring up internationals and expats from all over the place to so called 'exclusive' parties. Cool idea, but poor execution. I hate the flashy but overrated word exclusive, which promises you a VIP experience and actually doesn't correspondent to the reality. So, being not so critical, I would say, that I prefer more earth-bound events, who fulfill their promise and you know what to expect.

Starting from my expectations, still from the entry of the Aloft hotel, I supposed that this party will actually differ somehow from everywhere else in Brussels. I didn't quite understand how a 10 EUR entry-bracelet with 'Eurocrats' title on it, poor service, which trains you for patience while waiting just to order a simple drink, waiting for more than 15 mins for a wardrobe number on the way in and more than 35 mins on the way out, make you feel anyhow special or at an exclusive party. Not to mention a 35 EUR bottle of wine which tastes like a house wine from a supermarket...

Going further with the honesty, I'd say that parting in a hotel's lobby isn't quite what I can title as adequate and honestly doesn't correspondent to the promise that these events are being held at some of Brussels’ most prestigious venues. Maybe it's just me, but I don't find it normal to dress up fashionable just to have my drink in a lobby and more over to dance there...However, probably it's part of the 'travelers' spirit of the Eurocrats' idea and poorly executed marketing-bound up strategy. Enough with that.

As for the music, now that was a really 'Thank you' choice of a cool DJ, who was actually willing to play your song and was up to date with the hits out there. So, one big point for that! Another sweet moment of course was the nice personalized depicting of the whole party by the professional photographer, who surprised me with few cool shots published on their website.

However, I lack the exclusivity of the party in terms of inexperienced.

Total recommendation on a FIRST review: 4/10

If you want to try out this by yourself, you can check the current events' calender on their flashy website:

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