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Venue: Havana Disco Bar – Bruxelles

Rue de l’Epée, 4 - 1000 Brussels

Facebook: Havana-Club Brussels

First impression check-up

Havana Club. I'm sure every one of you who had been in a nice branch of the Havana chain has a memorable experience. And as it comes by its name, the Havana concept version in Brussels also tries to fit the international ‘Havana’ high score level.

However, strangely to me the owners seem not to have completely agreed upon the name of the spot, putting it under few mysterious versions, making you wonder if you will get into a kind of a private club, a retro discotheque or an after-work bar. Watching on their website, you can find several titles of the venue -  Havana Disco Bar – Bruxelles or HAVANA - Resto/Bar/Disco or Havana Club. Taking the positive attitude will put you in the white list, according to which probably all of the tiles fit together into the description of the place.

Located in the neighborhood of the centered av. Louise, Havana offers a rich choice of various events, as I had the pleasure to check out one of them on a Friday evening. Usually the entrance fee is affordable for the mass of the audience, which is between 20-35 years old and you also can get a free welcoming drink if you come very very early. So, if you’re looking for a rather ‘youngsters'’ style of a party, that would be the place, especially if you count the discount tricks like the Happy Hour – buy one drink, get the second for free.

Following that the atmosphere is very chilled, although you’re obliged to leave your jackets in any case at the wardrobe. Otherwise you will engage the attention of the bouncers, unless you don’t want to do that, of course. Another way to get anyone’s attention is probably to start dancing on the bar (or according to other folk's opinion - not give a tip to the bouncers on the way out..., which I can't tell because I didn't have such an issue), which is one of the coolest things to be seen on a Havana party. But keep in mind – as part of the show, sometimes the bar bursts into flames, so choose a non-flaming outfit ;)

I'm not quite convinced, that the music playlist answers the events’ theme, since on the party, I attended it was rather mix up of different ages and styles, but soon I will try out again to find that out.

And although the space is bigger than the usual for Brussels – less room, more intimacy concept of most of the night life venues – I can’t possibly imagine how a real salsa party can go wild in here. Well, let’s say that it’s worth giving a big chance to the place to prove its Havana standard.

Total recommendation on a FIRST review: 6/10

Choice is yours and the agenda is here:




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