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Venue: Ethnic Lounge Bar - Brussels

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Going in there on Saturday night gives you the feeling that you must be an 'insider' or a 'regular' to get in! However, it is rather one of the cool places to visit, especially thanks to the nice central and easy to find location. And no, it is totally not in a Lounge style when it comes to a weekend party.

The prices are tolerable and taking into account the huge crowd inside, the service is perfect! A very good impression for a friendly interaction with the clients. Most importantly: the big whiskey is really a big one!

The big minuses are that if you go there after 00:00 you will say LOL when you see the number of people inside. In other words it's totally crowded on the weekend parties and it gets worse after 2-3 o'clock in the morning. You can barely move inside, which is awful because according to my taste the music mix on that concrete party was just perfect! Well, if you try harder then you'd be able to move up and show some 'action' but keep in mind that as it comes from the name - BAR- the space is pretty limited.

A big minus is that the majority of smokers usually do it inside, which is kind of frustrating in that 'intimate' atmosphere. According to the crowd inside - there is no huge age target group, let's say the range of 20-50 is pretty wide!

Total recommendation on a FIRST review: 7/10

02-642.91.91 *
Area: Flagey - Ixelles Ponds
Ethnic Lounge Bar
277, avenue Louise
1050 Elsene (Brussels)












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