Северът на Коста Брава - за селяни и холивудски звезди PDF Print E-mail

На два часа от морската столица на Испания Барселона имаш птичи поглед към Франция. Испанските градчета Розес и Ле Скала прегърнали се в красивия северен залив на крайбрежния курортен регион Коста Брава са много повече от туристически дестинации.

И въпреки че местните ги наричат села, то чистотата, луксът и богатството се съчетават с историческото минало, културното многообразие и южняшкия темперамент на региона, за да могат да отговорят на нуждите на всеки.

Interview of Lucy Setian with Atom Egoyan: Journey to own reality PDF Print E-mail

What is the feeling about being the president of the 5th Golden Apricot film festival?

My feeling is there is a source of man’s pride. I think that for the first time I came to Armenia in 1990, I thought that there is a possibility that Yerevan could be a center for inviting people from the area, that there was a natural sense of hospitality, but also an ability and curiosity for the people here to look outside of their own culture. So, festival is not only a way of concentrating a national cinema, but is also invitation to people from outside.

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The Russian cinema has reborn! The tragicomic genre would never be the same after the creating of the prehistorically-referenced documentary movie "Revue".

His Belarusian director Sergey Loznitsa decides to dip the camera into the slush of the Soviet communism of the mainly 50`s - 60`s in a very successfully pathetic way.

Ein Abend mit Afrika PDF Print E-mail

Die Welt steht vor der Herausforderung einer provokativen und exotischen Kunst – diese von Afrika und vor allem von Zimbabwe - die zeitgenössische Wiege der Moderne.

Die schnelle Entwicklung dieser Kultur stellt die Fragen nach den Beziehungen zwischen dem Menschen und allem Umgebenden – Natur, Tiere, Alltag, so dass das natürliche Interesse von Europa und Amerika aufgewacht wird. Die Vielzahl von Ausstellungen in London, Paris, Wien, Frankfurt, Stockholm, den Haag u.a. ist ein richtiges Bezeugnis für den Erfolg des Südkontinents.

What does GREEN mean to me? PDF Print E-mail

GREEN is colorful in 21th century. It comes out from business topics, geography terms, zoology, human activities, politics, and climate. What do you understand as you hear, feel or see Green? I would like to open a discussion, concerning the metaphorical meanings of this boisterous word.

GREEN first of all is a color, the perception of which is evoked by light having a spectrum dominated by energy with a wavelength of 520–570 nanometres, Wiki says. It is not a primary one, but is created out of a mixture of yellow and blue, or yellow and cyan. Nothing in this world is just black or white and all depends of us. If today you feel blue, maybe you will drink lemonade and make your day a bit greener.


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