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2008 be the year in which for the premier time can be talked about haute-couture in Bulgaria. The professional criticisms in the field, but a number of fans incorporate from the consumer’s sphere as well around the opinion, that here exist all the needed preconditions for the turning of Sofia into one of the fashion centers of Europe.

10 years ago the established with their quality and origin world trend branches on the native stage could be counted on fingers. They have been accepted as odd material investments, token of the reputation of a certain trade-mark like the super-expensive Dior, Bally, Gucci, Cavalli, and not so much as a real commercial investment - not only from the owners of famous shop chains alone, but also from the viewpoint of the average buyer. The fashion market did not offer variety according the more expensive tastes, because of the simple reason that the search for such commodity was extremely limited on account of the low financial standard of the Bulgarian.


For nearly a decade the shops have been flooded with goods from China, Thailand, Turkey and India, about which unflavored bad quality people closed eyes in front of the possibility to get clothing, bearing a fake etiquette of a world well known trademark. All, offered in the fashion capital Paris, Rome and London could be as well bought, in spite of being far away from the original, from the common market-places and storehouses for bulk materials in Sofia.

Niche of deceptions overexploited by countless tradesmen and representative shops to the very last – from Adidas sport shoes, sold in their official shop on Vitoshka Str. till T-Shirts of D&G, Prada and Chanel with fabricated certificate of origin on the stalls in the NDK bazaars. The thousands consumer complaints in media world and in bureau of consumer protection has been accepted as an incontestable proof for the “quality control” over the models. Nevertheless the philosophy here remains unaltered till the point of time, when the real trade representative shop chains like Tom Teilor, Madoc, Tiffany and etc. started to loom into sight.

The wind of change…

Main stimulator of the development, admitting and perceivment of the foreign brands idea in Bulgaria appeared the whole structural economic change, engendered because of the requirements by our entering in EU during 2007.

Major influence on perfecting the business interrelations with Europe, determining fair-play competition and the partnership connections, have the reforms in the trade legislation, dictated from the euro-parliament norms.

With the acknowledging of our country for one of the youngest country-members of this world organization increased the investment interest especially in branches, connected with the real property, tourism, communications, IT and several other till the moment secondary sectors, in between also the fashion as hear example. The living standard of the working person in BG started to amend gradually regardless of the primary hesitations in the collective way of thinking by our entrance in the Union. Different European institutions began to give card blanch for the growth and support of the small and middle business through the realization of many innovative projects. The financial security seems to be taken as natural pledge to the big corporate clients according the safeguard and the regain of their capital investments.

Famous fashion conglomerates from the entire world found new opportunities for development and rise of their funds. In the beginning the slight skepticism, caused from the dark fame of our country in respect of the merchandise deceits and contrabands, give the ground first to penetrate the outlet – shops(Zara, Rossignol, Denyl, Rifle and etc.), offering old or defected designers collections. With the time the franchising presented to the Bulgarian market one new vision of mutual aid, expressed in the permanent increasing number of the most prestigious and biggest trade centers – the malls, so that the both contracting sides can be placed in their golden middle. Statistics show that they could make the dealer’s profits with 60% higher, what turns them in desired aim for all bigger brands.

The rights owners of multitude trademarks occur to be our close neighbor states like Greece, Turkey, next to examples from southwest Europe like Spain and Italy, the close East – Israel, UAR and other. Maybe sounds strange, but USA stays far behind with the concept about the western “craze”.

The list is long and extends more and more: The last year Versace made its first breakthrough on the Bulgarian market, this year Marc Cain will open doors. The big amount of talented Bulgarian designers, contributing to this complex industry - in between must be outlined the names of Galina Dencheva, Jana Jekova, Virginia Zdravkova, Evgenia Jivkova i.e. - does not stay at the backstage. The recall of creativity and high style are the two priority evaluated qualities on the way to the world fashion class.

What will bring the Sofia fashion week? - That still remains to be found out.

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