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An innovation model to turn the problem in a solution PDF Print E-mail
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An innovation is reaching the expectations for a change demanded by the society regarding the features of a product, service or a whole realm. A radical innovation is going beyond the criteria of expectations and creating new criteria to define what is new. Innovation is not a discrete unit. It is not a one-time success, which was completely unexpected.

“Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in China”. Cutting the Apple PDF Print E-mail
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What are the characteristics defining the big success of a big company like Apple?

Or it other words, what does it take to change the world.

My theoretical framework aims to present the successful business strategy undertaken by Apple (through the creation of innovative in its concept business models for products and services), the importance of this business strategy in the creation of a value chain network of various market players, the connection in between that value chain network and the national and global economy, and last but not least the role of innovation and knowledge for the industry and the society.

With a little historical background and current state review, I'd try to touch upon the following questions: How important is the innovation in the macroecnonomic context? How a business model of a company can create a domino effect over the other stakeholders on global scale? How does Apple continue to grow despite of the exceptional crisis situation in its homeland the USA? Is it possible for the company to become a global giant without violating the US antitrust policies? How the microeconomical decisions of a single enterprise can work against the national interests?

The Making of Innovation. PDF Print E-mail
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The Impact of the Information Society: empowerment or dis-empowerment?

Marked by various definitions and surrounded by various historically developed theories, the Information Society has been the underpinning term used to fore-mostly define the 20th and 21th century vision of the world. By itself the choice of the two words is already self-explanatory: Information as reflection over data, knowledge and subjects together in combination with the word society as reflection over the today's community or interlinked groups of people.

Various researchers in social sciences tried to define the term by looking towards the past. All of them are looking for rational events or occurrences, because of which the Information Society has became a synonym of the today's people reality. Taking rather the approach of looking in the presence and anticipating the future, we have to change our motivation when we speak about the impact of and over the information society.


Internations group re Digital: Declined wihout accurate reason PDF Print E-mail
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I tried to open an internations group for all fans and pros connected with the Digital group: Technology, Marketing, Social media, Sustainability, ICT, etc. Just to share ideas, views, opportunities, news about interesting events and so on. However the reaction from the team of Internations was more than strange.

Mobile payment: history or future? PDF Print E-mail
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I wanted to share with you a cool video done by Barclaycard on the topic of contactless payments. Pretty thoughtful and while m-payments are in the beginning phase, we can be certain that in the coming 5 years this will be something very normal.

Well, if you want to hear more, you can join us on the NFC workshop, which I will be giving on the Future Internet Assembly in Poznan this October. For more info check out the website of FI Poznan.


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