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Eurocomm 2011 - concept going beyond the vision PDF Print E-mail
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If you think that facilitating a conference is an easy task to do, just because you get your visitors to pay you for participation, then you're on a totally wrong track. It's all about the combination of the right people at the right moment on the right spot. IABC Europe & Middle East managed to succeed that perfect mesh-up.

Internet of Things: The wireless Generation of Digital Empowerment PDF Print E-mail
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The EU Coordination Action Effectsplus and the Future Internet Assembly (FIA) are developing a roadmap for research into all aspects of the Future Internet. As part of this effort FIA is hosting an Open Day on 31st March 2011.

The roadmap will be written at a sufficiently high level so as to shape the themes of Framework Programme 8. It targets research that will be carried out over the duration of Framework 8, 2014 to 2020 and beyond. The contributions will present a good future vision, recognition of major changes in the use and application of technology, acclaim of significant obstacles and challenges, and potential solutions.

What is Social Media? PDF Print E-mail
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I decided to share with you my answer on the LinkedIn question of Paul Segreto, President, CEO & Founder at franchisEssentials - Integrated Franchise Marketing, Social Media & Development Services, which is:

Is it Really Possible to Define Social Media?

Social media by itself purely is the digital communication environment, which creates the virtual space for the transition and the transmutation of an idea into an action, when the ideas represent the different purposes of the individual's/organisation's/company's/etc. goal.

Featured from LinkedIn: Twitter and the increasing of brand awareness PDF Print E-mail
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Since I found that very interesting, I chose to share with you the question of Devesh Shukla, Student at Symbiosis institute of management studies in the QA section of LinkedIn:

What are your views on effectiveness of twitter in increasing brand awareness.


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