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In the following publication I’ll try to examine the developments of the Bulgarian society in the years around the country’s accession in the EU, and the last years 2010-2011. I’ll interpret various indexes for the Information Society theme, provided by the statistical office of the EU – Eurostat and others, and compare them with my personal observations.

The fact that the EC services have selected around 60 indicators illustrates that the term Information Society no matter for Bulgaria only, Europe or in general has various dimensions and different definitions. In order to improve the understanding about the specifics of the current state of being or not being in the definition of information society, I’ll explore few of them. However, it is important to be noticed that not always the statistical indexes could measure the reality. Hence, I’ll critically reflect over their various dimensions showing the interrelations and differences by the various perspectives similarly to approach, undertaken by Webster within the framework of vision of the Castells’ network society. The individuals building the introduced percentage rates are aged 16 to 74 if not stated otherwise.




0 #3 koko 2012-09-18 06:09
Полезно е да има такова разследване за развитети на страната след като влезе в Европейският съюз.Фактът, че службите на ЕК са избрали около 60 показателя показва, че терминът информационно общество, без значение само за България, Европа и като цяло има различни измерения и различни дефиниции.И трябва да сме запознати с тях.Много добре, е че с цел да се подобри разбирането за спецификата на текущото състояние или да не е в дефиницията на информационното общество, можем да видим това и на клипчето, което е качено. Благодаря за статията.
0 #2 записвания Дидим 2012-01-28 09:30
that information society should be developed as soon as possible, but they speak about that all this years and do nothing.
0 #1 Luisa 2012-01-10 07:50
Dear Lucy, well done! Thanks for the interesting information! A meeting on similar topics and proficient/competent use of information (media and information literacy etc.) is held in Milan on Feb. 27-29, 2012. You may consider to present a poster.

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