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I tried to open an internations group for all fans and pros connected with the Digital group: Technology, Marketing, Social media, Sustainability, ICT, etc. Just to share ideas, views, opportunities, news about interesting events and so on. However the reaction from the team of Internations was more than strange.

Strangely, I got a refusal from the Internations' responsible person - who is based in Germany but takes obviously decision for a Belgium group. I find that highly intransparent and really cheap as an answer especially when it comes to a group for pleasure and sharing of interests - be them just for fun or for professional knowledge. As I can conclude by it, all the events hosted by the Internations team are ok to be paid but all of the free of payment get-togethers which we might mention are something which is not welcomed to be placed there...strange.

Decided to copy paste you the conversation, so that I hear some opinions. Maybe I am on the wrong track of understanding :)

P.S. This post has been deleted from Internations website by their ADMIN. Make you own conclusions about that!!!

Dear Lucy,
Thank you for getting back to me.
I am afraid that I won´t be able to open your group, as it seems to be related to a business of you. We are currently revising our groups section and pay particular attention to any commercial activities, as we consider them inappropriate for the groups section. I hope for your understanding in the matter.

Your InterNations Group Coordinator

Von: Lucy Setian
Gesendet: Montag, 1. August 2011 12:34
An: InterNations Groups
Betreff: Re: Your InterNations Group Application

Hi Jordan,
I don't want to put any constraints on the content and type of the group. It wouldn't necessarily strive to bring those people together, unless there isn't really an interest to do so. I'm already more or less involved with the hosting of 4 events, related to digital and I'd be happy to see the interested people there (TechMap, MobileMonday BE, Apps Marathon, DroidCon).

On the second question,
I don't mind to have it open on global level, but as a professional interested in the topic, I'd really prefer to keep it focused on the community in Belgium or at least Benelux region. This is where I am based and where I'd be interested to hear people's thoughts about the topic. Otherwise I am sure there are already a lot of other Global groups in and out of internations. But I'd prefer to keep the local focus.

Let me know about your decision.

Lucy Setian

On Mon, Aug 1, 2011 at 11:37 AM, InterNations Groups <> wrote:
Dear Lucy,
We are sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience.
We are very happy to see that the interest in InterNations Groups is growing fast, and that you are eager to become more active in our Community.

We would like to present a Group section that is as comprehensive, informative and user-friendly as possible. We strive to have an active and qualitative groups section. For this reason, we will only activate new groups after briefly reviewing their profile information and topic structure.
What concerns your group, I have a few questions first:
- Would you like to organize get-togethers for your group in Brussels? Or do you only want to make the group members share information on seminars etc.?
- Would you also be willing to open this group as a discussion group on a global level?
I would be happy if you could help me understand better what your group should be about and look forward to your response!

Your InterNations Group Coordinator



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