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Thank you friends, family, colleagues and partners from around the world for thinking of us and reaching out. This is not an attack to Brussels, not to Christians, not to Belgians or Europeans - this is a crime against Humanity. A Public Genocide.

We should all feel victims, share the pain of the close of those who lost their family members. And we should with pain but clear heads accept it as a sign of war.

It is time to take a stand.


Stay strong and think what each and every one of us can do to prevent or help for putting a stop to this...

Only united Humanity is capable of winning this war.



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The Armenian connection

Few people think of Brussels as the destination of their dreams at first (taking into account the climate as you know me you can imagine why). However, once being here one could be nicely surprised – especially if willing to openly declare him/herself as citizen of the world. I however declare myself first as a true European and then – as a true Armenian willing to explore the European culture, the culture of Armenians from Armenia and the culture of Armenians from different countries – like myself.

If you’re Armenian born in another European country and raised with the traditions of both your origins and the mentality of the local culture that’s not a rare declaration of identity. Now once again I felt the huge impact of the European identity footprint when by moving to Brussels I realized how Armenians over the globe (and yes, not only Europe or Armenia as a birthplace) could be so different and still so much alike at the same time.

If you’re part of a Diaspora like the Armenian sooner or later you discover similarities and differences thanks to your new home country and you are thankful for those. Armenians living and originating from different European countries for example could be absolutely different in mentality than the ones from Armenia, USA, Brazil. And that’s not a bad thing! However, as we have our national tendency to look for problems, we tend to forget that we share a common culture but live in different realities and share much more than just our origin – we also share the reality in which we are born, raised and educated. And in the world of today often these are more than just 1 reality.

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