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As the economist and political scientist Joseph Schumpeter once stated, “the majority of economists…are ready enough to admit its [ideologies] presence, but like Marx, they find it only in others and never in themselves. They do not admit that it is an inescapable curse and vitiates economics to its core.”

Thinking in that direction isn't it that also the core of innovation?

Although in a completely different context (in relation to economical quote above), innovation is seen by many as something which only few can achieve - being the entrepreneurs turning the inventions or processes around them into innovations of their time. Doesn't that make innovation part of our surrounding environment? Innovation in both governmental and business organizations and processes, which everybody believes that stays in the hands of the lucky chance of the opportunity? Innovation in your own kitchen?

However, if few innovations are here today as the fruit of a serendipity, the truth is that in their natural occurrence they are not just a matter of luck. Saying that, can't we admit that every one can find the true entrepreneur in him/herself; The human nature of the individual has the potential to detect things that nobody else notices or sees in the same way. Because people's nature is the same in its evolutionary origins, but still very different in its varieties of characters.

Do you see the doting lines which connect objects, processes, people? Pushing it just one step ahead you can be the one to fill in the gap between the still invisible to all but perceivable in the future. Because everybody dreams about the perfect future. It is not a matter of luck to turn people's dreams into tangible realities. It is matter of courage.



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