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Words are the most powerful tool on the Earth. They build civilizations and destroy empires. Words start wars, bring peace, find solutions, demolish personalities and relations.

Words bring life. They make you fly, then take you down, slap you in the face and bring you in coma.

Words can make you flourish and putrefy. They recreate and find your deepest secret.

Words can touch you gently and they can stab you.

Words are the essence of life. They are energy, which doesn’t get lost but transforms from one form into another. Words are the sound, thought, laughter and tear-drop. They are science, magic, illusion and earth, heavy as a rock, light as a feather.

They stay alive forever. Words don’t disappear even after our death. They keep the history alive, bring the future into the present, magnify the unbelievable and parcel out lifes, forms, organisms, powers, emotions and beliefs.

Words are the strongest force and the most dangerous weapon. They are the butter on your palate and the beat of your heart. The last sigh and la petit mort.

Words never die. They are the spirit of life…

Don’t forget that the next time you use them.



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Л. Дж. Смит е авторка, която се променя и напълно изненадва с всяка следваща книга. Не мога даже да си обясня как е възможно няколко книги от една поредица да са толкова различни не само по стил, но и начин на предаване на ситуациите, емоциите, гледката към света на героите.

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