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Coming home, preparing a snack, switching on the PC. Then sitting on the computer and going online in the cyber world of 2nd Life. Then your cyber “you” turning on its virtual PC and sitting on the 3D animated chair at home, where he watches his 3rd Life living in his screen.

The world seems like a deep of science fiction extensions, but there is no end-point, saying “Stop. It’s enough for the humanity. The time has come to admit the final state has come”.

What we can call real and what dream? Can we smell, touch and feel the sense only of the real reality?


If only we could is the key phrase to all of the virtual reality`s (VR) questions. Unreal truth and real lie seems to mixture in the science seen of virtual technologies. Japan sees robotics industry as a major part of world`s technological development. Actually even now we are overflowed by different kind of robots.

The first-aid future

Robot nurses will achieve a state of mind, near to the human`s one, so that they will start a new era. Not only an era in which people will become replaceable in positive ways, but also when they will gain the time, possibilities and needs to create something more valuable about the humanity. Time will spare them the problems, which could be solved thanks to high-tech ratio humanoids with biomechanism – which will feel, understand, create and will to help. And that will happen sooner as we think, maybe even earlier then scientists predict – before the 2050 year. The discussions continue on the 9th International IFAC Symposium on Robot Control (SYROCO 2009).

The complexity of the VR technologies will highly maintain the necessities of this new cyber generation. The machine understanding will be achieved thanks to the possibility of human beings to mixture real with virtual and giving it away. Can you teach your PC to think or your helping home Robot will do the work faster?

Imagine a world in which you are not spammed with difficult hi-tech products. A world, used and worshiped not only by computer games maniacs. It is one common network of boundaries, defined only by the human being`s needs. You live in a reality, which refers you thanks to virtual sense to a world with whole new vision and perception. It is all illustrated perfectly in the Microsoft future vision videos, which explore the new step of science in each part of life.

You can connect with everyone, everywhere, at each moment; you can sense what your close people feel. You can hear and see the wishes and problems of your organism. You can trust your 5 senses and create a 6th one – the sense of a connection with something, which is actually not there. But it touches all the other 5 senses at the same time and responds to your orders.

Dreaming while being awake

Imagine a world with clean senses for the surrounding, a brain, which could actually understand the meaning of dry facts like pollution, war, death, diseases and mental derangements. Nothing will be more cosmopolitan than feeling what other people feel.  You can see how one brain works, even to put yourself in someone else`s shoes. You`ll be able to switch your mind in other body, to travel on distance places without actually being there, you would look real, but only metaphysically. You won`t be there, but you will feel all what you feel in the reality – breeze, blowing from nowhere, kiss, touching the cheek, a knife making the most precise surgery cut.

Can you understand why all of that around you seems so destructible and dangerous? No. Why some things happen and no one knows the reasons and can stop them. Mobility problem won`t appear as a problem anymore thanks to the Japanese CirculaFlore invention. The new monitoring systems using an interactive VRity space to give and take the only necessary information reciprocally via network between a VR and a real world will be already studied for navigation monitoring and remote controlling of a mobile robot.

VR gives the possibility to create situations, to simulate unexpected events, so that you can explore your touchable world only with the abilities of your brain – by untouchable means. It is not just about the web Virtual Reality and Three-Dimensional worlds already.

The progress of new VR entities would give a respond to all abstract questions. The main science dogma is not to continue finding answers. It is to continue putting question marks.

Are you still daydreaming? Then stop – the era of the new virtual science would teach you how to live on dream.



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