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For those who know me more or less, they may say – well, sustainability is just...a matter of time, as it was in my case. Not so long time ago, as I got involved with the unforgettable Think About it 2 – Climate Change competition, I started to dig more about the climate change, the environmental issues and worldwide talks over what will happen in the future.

For some trend, for other politics, for third a phase in growing up, for me it was a totally new way of seeing things. But as I don’t like to label climate change as the only reason for me to believe, in what I started to believe, I use the word sustainability. There are a lot of business discussion forums as the Sustainability section in the LinkedIn Answers area, which dialogue over the different aspects of sustainability through the business perspective. Yes, thanks to Think2 and later on thanks to other ‘green’ initiatives in which I was involved, I actually realized that no matter what people might think, for me the ‘green’ is not a phase. It’s a new philosophy and as such it means a new understanding or more exactly perception of the life around me and life in my head.

As you know I spent the last couple of months working with part of the GEF team on their Forum on Green Entrepreneurship, which by itself was a totally new perspective again for me through the refraction of the social sector glass. However, for me sustainability couldn’t be neither measured only in numbers (or via indexes) nor by vague or notional ideas with unclear goals. I believe in setting goals and therefore I believe that young professionals need to comprehend for themselves first what sustainability could mean for them before starting to make promises or to use strong words. As a practical person but also as a person with a taste and spirit for the creative, I believe that real business decisions and ideas can put the sustainability talk on the table. So that you work not only for the society, for the future generations, for your company, for your planet, but also you work for yourself as a catalyst of a new kind of energy – the human energy to create and…recreate.

Is is the Climate that Changed your World?



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